Jon DiCicco

Associate Professor of Political Science & International Relations at Middle Tennessee State University

Greetings! I'm Jonathan DiCicco (Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2006), a professional international relations scholar and educator. As of August 2018, I’m an associate professor of Political Science and International Relations at Middle Tennessee State University.

This website serves as my home base on the Internet and is designed to be a gateway for me and my students as we seek to understand international relations, war and peace, and American foreign affairs.

Reach me on email: Jon.DiCicco [at] mtsu [dot] edu

Students: sign up for an appointment during office hours using

Social Media, IR, and You: A message to the Canisius College community

Welcome to all students, new and returning, and especially those who major, minor, or are interested in International Relations (IR)!  Welcome too – and a big thank-you! – to our friends who teach in or who otherwise support the IR Program, including staff and administrators.

As the semester gets underway, consider engaging with me and other like-minded folks through social media! Our IR presence can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Each platform offers a different flavor and emphasis, though some content (such as announcements about events or deadlines) will be cross-posted.

All content is offered in the spirit of intellectual curiosity, academic community, and shared humanity, so civility and dignity are the keys to interactions through these platforms, even where there are legal grey areas. Openness to new ideas and a desire to expand our perspective require us to offer a disclaimer—namely, that retweeting or posting a link to content does not imply endorsement of the views presented by the content’s original author. Bits of advice and humor are offered with the understanding that the intended audience is comprised of adult, independent thinkers who make and are responsible for their own decisions.

On Facebook, we are the GriffIntRels group. The primary audience includes current students, faculty, and staff with connections to the IR program. The Facebook page serves as a forum for announcements and information exchange for our vibrant community. While alumni are not the focus of this group, they are more than welcome as members, and are encouraged to connect with us through the other platforms below, too!

On Twitter, we are CanisiusIR. As program director I manage the content, occasionally tweeting but more often retweeting intriguing content from other providers. The focus here is on current international affairs, including occasional breaking news stories, and on information related to international travel, grants and internships, as well as tips, encouragement, and humor. Follow our feed and we’ll follow you, unless you privacy-protect your tweets or tell us you’d rather we mind our own business.

On Tumblr, look for the International Relations page curated by yours truly. Content emphasis is similar to the Twitter feed, though here you might find a greater emphasis on maps, charts, graphs, and photographs, as well as some longer reads, sometimes on topics drawn from modern or contemporary history, or dealing with culture, language, or international business and economics. Hashtags are used here to draw attention to content relevant to specific courses (e.g., #PSC140).

On LinkedIn, find my professional profile and publication list. We’re all constantly building and expanding networks, and one never knows how or why it might help to start early—even a year or two before the job search. In the past I have not accepted students’ requests for connections until after graduation, and LinkedIn connections do not ensure or imply endorsement or recommendation--they're just connections. But LinkedIn remains a useful tool for pre-professionals and I encourage students (especially juniors and seniors) to consider building their own profiles well before the job search.

And just for kicks, check us out on Instagram @ircrazed. The premise is simple: everywhere I go I see something that reminds me of IR. Flag your own Instagram content with the tags #ircrazed #internationalrelations to join the fun! (Please, no naked photos. Remember: dignity -- always, dignity.)

Buttons on my home page provide quick links to all of the above, except the Facebook page, which can be found by Facebook users through an easy search for ‘GriffIntRels’.

Please don’t be shy! Together we can build an online community to enhance our campus community. And please, don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback, ideas, suggestions, or questions.

Have a great semester, and see you on the interwebs! 

Jon DiCicco, Ph.D., Director of the IR Program


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